Chunker - World Settings

Chunker allows you to change various world settings when converting worlds. This article gives a brief description of these options and how they affect gameplay.


Editing these values can cause unintended behavior, world corruption, or unstable gameplay if set incorrectly. Use caution when changing values.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • Various settings available when using Chunker to convert worlds.


It's recommended that the following be completed before beginning this tutorial.

World Settings

Settings Description
Difficulty Difficulty of the world.
Gamemode Default game mode of the world. Players will default to this game mode on first join.
Generator Generator used for generating new chunks in this world. Setting to void will automatically create the custom layer rules to generate empty chunks.
World Name Friendly name of this world (i.e "Steve and Alex Super Survival").
World Seed Seed provided to the generator to generate the world.
Spawn X X coordinate of the default spawn for players.
Spawn Y Y coordinate of the default spawn for players.
Spawn Z Z coordinate of the default spawn for players.
Time Current time of the world (in ticks).
Experimental Gameplay (Bedrock Edition only) Whether experimental game features are enabled in this world.
Bonus Chest Enabled (Bedrock Edition only) Whether a bonus chest is enabled for this world.
Bonus Chest Spawned (Bedrock Edition only) Has the bonus chest been spawned in the world? If set to false, the game will attempt to place a bonus chest on next load.
Spawn Mobs (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world should spawn mobs.
Nether Scale (Bedrock Edition only) The scale of the Nether compared to the Overworld, which defaults to 8 in vanilla. If this value is set to 8, then every block moved in the Nether will equate to 8 blocks moved in the Overworld.

Game Rules

Game rules are settings that can be modified in-game by operators using the /gamerule command or in-game menu.

Setting Description
Command Block Output Whether command blocks should output to chat for online operators.
Command Blocks Enabled Whether command blocks are enabled in this world. Setting to false will cause command blocks to not execute.
Commands Enabled Whether commands (commonly referred to as cheats) should be allowed in this world.
Do Daylight Cycle Whether the time of day should cycle. If disabled, the time of day will not change.
Do Entity Drops Whether items can be removed from an entity. For example, if disabled, players will not be able to remove items from an item frame.
Do Fire Tick Whether fire should spread within this world. If disabled, fire will not spread to nearby flammable materials.
Do Immediate Respawn If enabled, players will instantly respawn without seeing the traditional respawn screen.
Do Insomnia If disabled, phantoms will not spawn during the night.
Do Mob Loot Whether mobs should drop their loot when killed.
Do Mob Spawning Whether mobs should spawn naturally in the world.
Do Tile Drops Whether tiles (blocks) should drop their items when destroyed.
Do Weather Cycle Whether the world should cycle weather. If disabled, the weather in the world will not change.
Drowning Damage Whether entities can take damage from running out of air (drowning).
Fall Damage Whether entities will take damage from falling from heights.
Fire Damage (Bedrock Edition only) Whether entities will be damaged when ignited.
Force Gamemode If enabled, all players will be forced to remain in the worlds default game mode.
Function Command Limit The maximum number of simultaneous commands that can be executed by a function file.
Keep Inventory Whether players should keep their inventory on death.
Mob Griefing Whether mobs can grief the world (destroy/place blocks).
Natural Regeneration Whether a player will naturally regenerate health when hunger is full.
Random Tick Speed How often Minecraft will tick world functionality. Set to 0 to disable functionality such as grass spread and leaf decay.
Send Command Feedback Whether a command will send output in chat to the executor and online operators.
Show Coordinates (Bedrock Edition only) Whether the client should show a UI element informing the player of their current coordinates.
Show Death Messages Whether a message should be displayed in chat when an entity dies.
TNT Explodes (Bedrock Edition only) Whether TNT will explode, causing world damage.
Spawn Radius The radius from the spawn used to pick a safe spawn location.
Max Command Chain Length The maximum amount of chain command blocks that can run in a single tick.


Setting Description
Confirmed Platform Locked Content (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this content is platform locked.
Has Been Loaded In Creative (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world has been loaded in creative mode.
Has Locked Behavior Pack (Bedrock Edition only) Whether the behavior pack is locked.
Has Locked Resource Pack (Bedrock Edition only) Whether the resource pack is locked.
Immutable World (Bedrock Edition only) Indicates that the world cannot be modified, effectively making it read-only.
Is From Locked Template (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world was created from a locked template.
Is From World Template (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world was created from a world template.
Is World Template Option Locked (Bedrock Edition only) Whether the options for this world are currently locked using the settings from the source world template.
LAN Broadcast (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world should broadcast its availability to devices on the local network.
Limited World Origin X,Y,Z (Bedrock Edition only) Legacy. Used to indicate where limited world generation started.
Texture Packs Required (Bedrock Edition only) Whether behavior and resource packs are required to join the world.
Use MSA Gamertags Only (Bedrock Edition only) Whether the world is restricted to Microsoft Accounts only (players must be signed in).


Setting Description
Lightning Level Determines how heavy the lightning is.
Lightning Time Number of ticks until lightning will be triggered.
Rain Level Determines how heavy the rain is.
Rain Time Number of ticks until rain will be triggered.


Setting Description
Center Maps To Origin (Bedrock Edition only) Whether maps (items) should be centered to the origin of the map.
Education Features (Bedrock Edition only) Whether this world has Minecraft Education features enabled.
EDU Level (Bedrock Edition only) The level of the EDU features to use.
Server Chunk Tick Range (Bedrock Edition only) The distance of chunks around a player to tick server-side. Setting this to a high number can negatively impact performance.
Start With Map Enabled (Bedrock Edition only) Whether new players start with a map.
World Start Count (Bedrock Edition only) The number of times the world has been started. This is used to generate entity (actor) ids.

What's Next?

If you have a Nether dimension that you want to reset in order to have up-to-date generation features, Chunker can be used to do that with Advanced Mode.