Structure Block Tutorial

For this tutorial, we're going to use structure blocks and the command /structure to create a village and load in an epic statue one block at a time.

We recommend you read the following sections first:

You should also download the structure blocks sample if you'd like to follow along with these buildings. But feel free to find some in your world or to design your own.

In this tutorial, you will learn the following:

  • How to save a log cabin structure with a structure block.
  • How to load a log cabin structure with a structure block.
  • How to use the /structure command to place structures.
  • How to animate a structure into Adventure or Survival mode using a command block and the /structure command.

Structure Block Sample Behavior Pack

There is a sample Structure Blocks behavior pack available at the Minecraft samples Github. You can download it to use the same structures used in the tutorial, or to get a sense of the structure of behavior packs.

Create a structure

In creative mode, build a structure smaller than 64 blocks x 384 blocks x 64 blocks.

I made a log cabin that is included in the Structure Blocks Samples Behavior Pack as mystructure:house2.

A structure built to look like a log cabin

Let's use this as a base to build a village.

To start, we'll save the log cabin.

  1. Choose a name for your structure.
  2. Place the structure block so that the bounding box will surround the log cabin. (Or use corner mode to detect the corners).
  3. Change the size and offset to better encapsulate the building.
  4. Leave Save Entities and Redstone Save Mode as they are, since we are not using them.
  5. Leave Show Bounding Box on.
  6. Click Save.

Great! We saved the structure. Now we can use it all over the world.

Load the structure

Let's add another log cabin nearby, to begin building a village. I'm adding it to a nearby small hill.

The structure block load screen with a log cabin

  1. Put a structure block on the ground.
  2. Load your structure name. I'm using mystructure:house2.
    • Adjust the offset.
    • Leave Include Entities since this building has no entities.
    • We won't be using Remove Blocks, Integrity, or Seed since we want to make a usable village.
    • I rotated the building 180 degrees.
    • No mirroring or Animation for us!
    • Don't show bounding box so that our house loads in without it.
  3. Click Load.

The log cabin on a small hill

I'll need another set of stairs but otherwise it's looking good! Now you can place as many copies of this log cabin as you'd like to create a village. You can also customize the look of a village by saving different sections of this building as separate structures, like roofs, and then varying how they're loaded in.

Creating structures using the /structure command

So now we have a saved structure in a structure block. But what if we want to interact with a structure without using a structure block? Let's get to know the /structure command.

Let's get to know the /structure command.

structure save <name: string> <from: x y z> <to: x y z> [saveMode: StructureSaveMode] [includesEntities: Boolean][includesBlocks: Boolean]

This command saves a structure and takes in a name, coordinates, and optionally a save mode, a flag to include entities, and a flag to include blocks.

structure load <name: string> <to: x y z> [rotation: Rotation] [mirror: Mirror] [animationMode: StructureAnimationMode] [animationSeconds: float] [includesEntites: Boolean] [includesBlocks: Boolean] [waterlogged: Boolean] [integrity: float] [seed: string] 

This command loads a structure and takes in the name, location, and optionally rotation, mirroring, animations, entities, and information on whether blocks are include, along with integrity and integrity string.

structure delete <name: string>

Deletes the saved structure.

The chat open with the structure command entered

Let's use the /structure command to save and load in a structure.

  1. Return to your log cabin (or whatever you built).
  2. Open the console and enter the /structure save command with the appropriate variables.
  • I'm using the following: /structure save house1 -371 120 877 -371 131 881 memory
  1. Great! Now let's load in that same structure elsewhere.
  2. Move to a new spot that needs a house.
  3. Open the console and enter the /structure load command with your variables.
  • I'm using /structure load house1 ~ ~ ~ 90_degrees to load in the house at a 90 degree angle.

Great! Now we can build a village more quickly than before.

Load a structure with a command block and /structure command

A statue loading in block by block in Adventure mode

But let's say we want to load in a statue in Adventure mode, using an animation. This could be at the end of an epic adventure map to reward a player's persistence.

We're going to place an impulse command block and use the structure command to load in the statue block by block. When users press an acacia button, the statue will load majestically. Let's get started.

  1. Find an epic place for a statue to animate in.
  2. Open the console and type /give @s command_block to give yourself a command block.
  3. Type /give @s acacia_button to give yourself a acacia button.
  4. Place the command block and acacia button on two adjacent blocks.
  5. Right click the command block.
  6. Enter /structure load statue ~ ~ ~ 0_degrees none block_by_block 10 into the command input.
    • This loads in the structure called statue at the current location, does not rotate or mirror it, and animates it in one block at a time over ten seconds.
  7. Go to your world settings and change it from Creative to Adventure.
  8. Click the acacia button and watch the statue load in.

What's Next?

Now you're familiar with structure blocks and the /structure command. You could become the village building speedrun champion, create tons of cool animations using command blocks, or even try out recursively loading structures using structure blocks. But we suggest checking out more commands first.

To see examples of structures, check out the Minecraft Structure Blocks Behavior Pack Samples.