Block Documentation - minecraft:destructible_by_explosion

minecraft:destructible_by_explosion is a Boolean or JSON Object component that describes the destructible by explosion properties for this block. If set to true, the block will have the default explosion resistance. If set to false, this block is indestructible by explosion. If the component is omitted, the block will have the default explosion resistance.

Default Value of the Component

This component can be specified as a Boolean. If this component is omitted, the default value for this component is true, which will give your block the default values for its parameters (ZERO explosion resistance so your block will be destroyed right away when near an explosion).


Name Default Value Type Description
explosion_resistance 0.0 Decimal Describes how resistant the block is to explosion. Greater values mean the block is less likely to break when near an explosion (or has higher resistance to explosions). The scale will be different for different explosion power levels. A negative value or 0 means it will easily explode; larger numbers increase level of resistance.

Example (Boolean)

"minecraft:destructible_by_explosion": true

Example (JSON Object)

"minecraft:destructible_by_explosion": {
    "explosion_resistance": 50