What is Movere?

Movere is a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) product, for discovery and assessment of your IT landscape.

Movere was acquired by Microsoft, and it's no longer sold as a standalone solution. Movere is available through Microsoft Solution Assessment. If you're a partner, take a look at our partner program.

Movere automates discovery, scanning, and collection of IT data within your organization. You analyze collected data to learn about your infrastructure, devices, and apps, make smart decisions, and facilitate migration to the cloud.

For migration, we recommend that you use Azure Migrate. to simplify your migration process. In addition to discovery and assessment of machines, apps, and dependencies, Azure Migrate provides tools for migrating apps, infrastructure, and data to Azure.

What does Movere do?

  • Inventories your data
    • Quickly scans and gathers a comprehensive inventory of your entire IT environment, at a rate of up to 1000 servers an hour. Most organizations can access gathered information within a day.
    • Identifies where assets are located, how they're used, by whom, and when.
    • Integrates data captured directly from Windows and Linux devices, with data captured from other sources. Other sources include Active Directory, SQL Server, VMware vCenter, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, System Center, Skype for Business, Hyper-V, Altiris, LANDesk, LanSweeper, and BigFix.
    • Gathers data with a lightweight platform, using self-discovering bots.
    • Intelligently and comprehensively identifies users, apps, and resource consumption across geographies, on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Prepares for migration
    • Provides migration recommendations based on your current on-premises footprint, and actual resource consumption.
    • Suggests the most economical and resource-effective solution for migration to Azure.
    • Prepares internal assets for migration, regardless of platform, application, or geography.
    • Identifies the best Azure region for your needs, and provides sizing and pricing options.
    • Allows you to tag and group systems, so that you can simultaneously evaluate multiple migration factors.
    • Gathers data throughout the migration planning cycle, to ensure that no data, applications, or users are left behind.
  • Optimizes your infrastructure and apps
    • Provides detailed utilization data to optimize your environment for maximum efficiency.
    • Identifies active SQL Servers and databases, collecting information on versioning, database usage, and database/app dependencies.
  • Identifies security gaps
    • Provides insights and tracking for your environment. How it's used, by whom and when.

Why should I use Movere?

  • Get a comprehensive picture of your IT environment.
  • Visualize and analyze data to make smart decisions. Transform data into actionable insights.
  • Prepare for migration to the cloud with confidence. Identify requirements, and optimum paths for migration. Remain prepared throughout migration, by collecting and analyzing data as your organization changes and grows.
  • Check that your infrastructure aligns with licensing, compliance standards, and best practices.
  • Provide ongoing optimization of your IT systems, including:
    • Identify systems out of support, but within support contracts.
    • Identify high usage systems that need more resources.
    • Identify consolidation opportunities, without impacting performance.
    • Identify hardware refresh opportunities for physical devices.
  • Identify and modernize your SQL Server landscape:
    • Identify active SQL Servers and databases.
    • Get information about versioning and database usage.
    • Determine SQL Servers database and app dependencies.
    • Identify SQL Servers for upgrading, consolidation, or migration.
  • Identify security gaps and risks.

Movere architecture


Movere portal can be accessed from Windows, Linux or macOS based machines. Movere is not supported on Android or iOS.

Movere uses these components.

Component Details
Movere Console You discover, scan, and collect data using the Movere Console.

Each Movere customer has a unique database that's tied to any Movere Console installed from their customer tenant. All data from Consoles uploads to the same unique database.

Only Customer Tenant users with Write access can install the Console, and use it to upload scan data to the Movere portal in Azure.

A single Customer Tenant can deploy multiple consoles.
Inventory bots and binaries Inventory bots and binaries are used when you run an inventory scan using the .NET framework.

Inventory scans capture point-in-time information, and are typically run every few days or weeks.

- Movere Bot 2: Contains the Movere inventory binary that's compatible with .NET 2.0 framework.

- Movere Bot 4: Contains the Movere inventory binary that's compatible with .NET 4.0 framework.

- Framework Verifier: Contains the Movere binary that checks which .NET framework is present on a target device.

Movere inventory bots are small (around 2 MB in size), and produce a payload that's usually less than 10 KB.

Inventory bots aren't persistent. Since they're small, they're easily deployed, run, and removed. No persistent agent is needed on devices you scan.
Actual resource consumption bots Resource consumption bots are used when you run an actual resource consumption scan using the .NET framework.

Actual resource consumption scanning tracks resource usage over time. You scan on a specified frequency, over a predefined period of time.

- Bot Arc2: Contains the Movere actual resource consumption binary that's compatible with .NET 3.5 framework.

- Bot Arc4: Contains the Movere actual resource consumption binary that's compatible with .NET 4.0 framework, or higher.

An actual resource consumption bot runs as an installed service. Unlike an inventory bot, it needs to remain running so that it can capture consumption data over time. When the specified scan duration ends, the bot terminates and deletes itself.

Next steps

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