Resolving disputes over NuGet package names

This article provides a recommended resolution process for community members to resolve disputes with other NuGet publishers.

For example, suppose that Northwind Traders makes a CRM system for which they provide client drivers as a downloadable MSI from their website. Nancy, an independent developer, wants to make it easier to use Northwind's client library, and turns it into a NuGet package called NorthwindTraders.Client. Later, Northwind wants to produce an official NuGet package of their own for their client library, and would thus like to dispute Nancy's ownership of the package name.

In this scenario, Nancy does not appear to be acting with bad intentions, but is rather supporting Northwind's tools and customers by contributing her own time and code. At the same time, Northwind is the legitimate owner of the Northwind name.

By following the process below, Northwind and Nancy can work together to a suitable resolution, because both are interested in serving the developer community. It's typically not necessary for the NuGet team to become involved; collaboration usually works out best.


  1. Contact the owners of the package you have the dispute with using the Contact Owners link on the package details page. Explain your issue in a kind and direct manner.
  2. Send a copy of your message to so that NuGet and the .NET Foundation are aware of your dispute.
  3. Wait a maximum of 30 days for a resolution, then notify again. The support team will get involved and try to work through the dispute with both parties.