search command (NuGet CLI)

Applies to: package consumption • Supported versions: 5.8+

Searches a given source using the query string provided. If no sources are specified, all sources defined in %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.Config are used.


nuget search [search terms] [options]

where the search terms are applied to the names of packages, tags, and package descriptions just as they are when using them on


Name Description Usage
PreRelease Pre-release packages are not included by default, but can be included by using this argument -PreRelease
Source Specific package source(s) to search instead of querying the default sources in nuget.config -Source <Source URL>
Take The number of results to return. The default value is 20. -Take <positive integer>
Verbosity The level of detail to display in the output. The default is normal. (See the note below) -Verbosity <quiet|normal|detailed>
Help Displays help information for the command -Help

Also see Environment variables


Verbosity Levels:

  • quiet - Package ID, Version
  • normal - Package ID, Version, Downloads, Preview of Description
  • detailed - Package ID, Version, Downloads, Full Description, Other information such as the query URL


Search for logging-related packages from default sources:

nuget search logging

Search for logging-related packages with detailed verbosity:

nuget search logging -Verbosity detailed

Search for logging-related packages, and only show the top 5 results:

nuget search logging -Take 5

Search for JSON-related packages, including pre-release versions, from specified source/feed:

nuget search JSON -PreRelease -Source ""

Search for JSON-related packages from multiple sources/feeds:

nuget search JSON -Source "" -Source "https://other-feed-url-goes-here"