verify command (NuGet CLI)

Applies to: package consumption • Supported versions: 4.6+

Verifies a package.

Verification of signed packages is not yet supported under Mono.


nuget verify <-All|-Signatures> <package(s)> [options]

where <package(s)> is one or more .nupkg files.

nuget verify -All

Specifies that all verifications possible should be performed on the package(s).

nuget verify -Signatures

Specifies that package signature verification should be performed.

Options for "verify -Signatures"

  • -CertificateFingerprint

    Specifies one or more SHA-256 certificate fingerprints of certificates(s) which signed packages must be signed with. A certificate SHA-256 fingerprint is a SHA-256 hash of the certificate. Multiple inputs should be semicolon separated.


  • -ConfigFile

    The NuGet configuration file to apply. If not specified, %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.Config (Windows), or ~/.nuget/NuGet/NuGet.Config or ~/.config/NuGet/NuGet.Config (Mac/Linux) is used.

  • -ForceEnglishOutput

    Forces nuget.exe to run using an invariant, English-based culture.

  • -?|-help

    Displays help information for the command.

  • -NonInteractive

    Suppresses prompts for user input or confirmations.

  • -Verbosity [normal|quiet|detailed]

    Specifies the amount of detail displayed in the output: normal (the default), quiet, or detailed.


nuget verify -Signatures .\..\MyPackage.nupkg -CertificateFingerprint "CE40881FF5F0AD3E58965DA20A9F571EF1651A56933748E1BF1C99E537C4E039;5F874AAF47BCB268A19357364E7FBB09D6BF9E8A93E1229909AC5CAC865802E2" -Verbosity detailed

nuget verify -Signatures c:\packages\MyPackage.nupkg -CertificateFingerprint CE40881FF5F0AD3E58965DA20A9F571EF1651A56933748E1BF1C99E537C4E039

nuget verify -Signatures MyPackage.nupkg -Verbosity quiet

nuget verify -Signatures .\*.nupkg

nuget verify -All .\*.nupkg