NuGet Error NU1107

Version conflict detected for 'PackageA'. Install/reference 'PackageA' v4.0.0 directly to resolve this issue.
'PackageB' 3.5.0 -> 'PackageA' (= 3.5.0)
'PackageC' 4.0.0 -> 'PackageA' (= 4.0.0)


Unable to resolve dependency constraints between packages. Two different packages are asking for two different versions of 'PackageA'. The project needs to choose which version of 'PackageA' to use.


Install/reference 'PackageA' directly (in the project file) with the exact version that you choose. Generally, picking the higher version is the right choice.

To install a specific version, see the information for the tool that you're using:


Alternative solution: NuGetSolver is a Visual Studio Extension developed by Microsoft DevLabs, designed to assist in resolving dependency conflicts. It automates the process of identifying and addressing these issues. For further details, visit the NuGetSolver page on the Visual Studio Marketplace and we'd love to hear your feedback about your experience.


Early versions of Visual Studio 2017 may have reported this as a warning (NU1607).