Find-Package (Package Manager Console in Visual Studio)

Version 3.0+; this topic describes the command within the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio on Windows. For the generic PowerShell Find-Package command, see the PowerShell PackageManagement reference.

Gets the set of remote packages with specified ID or keywords from the package source.


Find-Package [-Id] <keywords> -Source <string> [-AllVersions] [-First [<int>]]
    [-Skip <int>] [-IncludePrerelease] [-ExactMatch] [-StartWith] [<CommonParameters>]


Parameter Description
Id <keywords> (Required) Keywords to use when searching the package source. Use -ExactMatch to return only those packages whose package ID matches the keywords. If no keywords are given, Find-Package returns a list of the top 20 packages by downloads, or the number specified by -First. Note that -Id is optional and a no-op.
Source The URL or folder path for the package source to search. Local folder paths can be absolute, or relative to the current folder. If omitted, Find-Package searches the currently selected package source.
AllVersions Displays all available versions of each package instead of only the latest version.
First The number of packages to return from the beginning of the list; the default is 20.
Skip Omits the first <int> packages from the displayed list.
IncludePrerelease Includes prerelease packages in the results.
ExactMatch Specified to use <keywords> as a case-sensitive package ID.
StartWith Returns packages whose package ID begins with <keywords>.

None of these parameters accept pipeline input or wildcard characters.

Common Parameters

Find-Package supports the following common PowerShell parameters: Debug, Error Action, ErrorVariable, OutBuffer, OutVariable, PipelineVariable, Verbose, WarningAction, and WarningVariable.


# Find packages containing keywords
Find-Package elmah
Find-Package logging

# List packages whose ID begins with Elmah
Find-Package Elmah -StartWith

# By default, Get-Package returns a list of 20 packages; use -First to show more
Find-Package logging -First 100

# List all versions of the package with the ID of "jquery"
Find-Package jquery -AllVersions -ExactMatch