NuGet 3.3 Release Notes

NuGet 3.2.1 Release Notes | NuGet 3.4-RC Release Notes

NuGet 3.3 was released November 30, 2015 with a significant number of user interface updates and command-line features as well as a collection of useful fixes to the NuGet clients.

New Features

New User Interface Features

  • Separate Browse, Installed, and Updates Available tabs
  • Updates Available badge indicating the number of packages with available updates
  • Package badges in the package list to indicate if the package is installed or has an update available
  • Download count and author added to the package list
  • Highest available version number and currently installed version number on the package list
  • Action buttons to allow quick install, update, and uninstall from the package list
  • Clearer action buttons on the package detail panel
  • Package update date on the package detail panel
  • Consolidate panel in Solution view
  • Sortable grid of projects and installed version numbers on the solution view

New Command-line Features

In this version we introduced the add and init commands to initialize folder-based repositories as described in the nuget.exe reference. Repositories that are constructed and maintained with this folder structure will deliver significant performance benefits as outlined on our blog.


Content is now supported in project.json managed projects through the new contentFiles folder and .nuspec contentFiles element notation. This content can be more directly specified by the package author for interactions with project systems. More information about how to configure contentFiles in a .nuspec document can be found in the .nuspec Reference.

NuGet Locals Cache Management

The NuGet command-line has been updated to include information about how to manage the local caches on a workstation. More information about the locals command is available in the NuGet command-line reference.

Fixed Issues

Notable Issues

  • NuGet command-line restored support for restoring packages with a solution file on Mono - 1543

The complete list of issues that were addressed in the 3.3 release can be found on GitHub under the 3.3 milestone.

The list of issues fixed in the 3.3 command-line release are recorded in the 3.3 Command-Line milestone.

Known Issues

We continue to track issues on our GitHub issues list which can be found at: