NuGet 3.4.4 Release Notes

NuGet 3.4.3 Release Notes | NuGet 3.5-Beta Release Notes

The primary focus of this release was improvements to the quality of 3.4.3 version of nuget.exe with a few fixes to the Visual Studio extension as well.

You can download both the VSIX and nuget.exe here.

3.4.4-rtm (2016-05-19)

Full Changelog

List of Issues


  • Pack Improvements: Improvements to packing symbols, packing with project.json and more #606
  • Display exception when there is a failure finding projects in update command [#605](
  • Read package type from input .nuspec and project.json when packing #603
  • Make NuGet.Shared not a project. #602
  • Use the push timeout as the HTTP response timeout #599
  • Package files with future times will not have their times used #597
  • Updating NuGet.Core.dll version to 2.12.0 to fix XML issue #594
  • Support ./NuGet.CommandLine.XPlat -v <verbosity> <mode> #593
  • Display error restoring without project.json or packages.config #590
  • Fixing dependency versions when required versions differ #559