Connection object (DAO)

Applies to: Access 2013, Office 2013


ODBCDirect workspaces are not supported in Microsoft Access 2013. Use ADO if you want to access external data sources without using the Microsoft Access database engine.

A Connection object represents a connection to an ODBC database (ODBCDirect workspaces only).


A Connection is a non-persistent object that represents a connection to a remote database. The Connection object is only available in ODBCDirect workspaces (that is, a Workspace object created with the type option set to dbUseODBC).


Code written for earlier versions of DAO can continue to use the Database object for backward compatibility, but if the new features of a Connection are desired, you should revise code to use the Connection object. To help with code conversion, you can obtain a Connection object reference from a Database by reading the Connection property of the Database object. Conversely, you can obtain a Database object reference from the Connection object's Database property.