Field.Type property (DAO)

Applies to: Access 2013, Office 2013

Sets or returns a value that indicates the operational type or data type of an object. Read/write Integer.


expression .Type

expression A variable that represents a Field object.


The setting or return value is a constant that indicates an operational or data type. For a Field object, this property is read/write until the object is appended to a collection or to another object, after which it's read-only.

For a Field object, the possible settings and return values are described in the following table.

Constant Value Description
dbBigInt 16 Big Integer
dbBinary 9 Binary
dbBoolean 1 Boolean
dbByte 2 Byte
dbChar 18 Char
dbCurrency 5 Currency
dbDate 8 Date/Time
dbDecimal 20 Decimal
dbDouble 7 Double
dbFloat 21 Float
dbInteger 3 Integer
dbLong 4 Long
dbLongBinary 11 Long Binary (OLE Object)
dbMemo 12 Memo
dbNumeric 19 Numeric
dbSingle 6 Single
dbText 10 Text
dbTime 22 Time
dbTimeStamp 23 Time Stamp
dbVarBinary 17 VarBinary

When you append a new Field, Parameter, or Property object to the collection of an Index, QueryDef, Recordset, or TableDef object, an error occurs if the underlying database doesn't support the data type specified for the new object.