RecordCount property (ADO)

Applies to: Access 2013, Office 2013

Indicates the number of records in a Recordset object.

Return value

Returns a Long value that indicates the number of records in the Recordset.


Use the RecordCount property to find out how many records are in a Recordset object. The property returns -1 when ADO cannot determine the number of records or if the provider or cursor type does not support RecordCount. Reading the RecordCount property on a closed Recordset causes an error.

If the Recordset object supports approximate positioning or bookmarks — that is, Supports (adApproxPosition) or Supports (adBookmark), respectively, return True — this value will be the exact number of records in the Recordset, regardless of whether it has been fully populated. If the Recordset object does not support approximate positioning, this property may be a significant drain on resources because all records will have to be retrieved and counted to return an accurate RecordCount value.

The cursor type of the Recordset object affects whether the number of records can be determined. The RecordCount property will return -1 for a forward-only cursor; the actual count for a static or keyset cursor; and either -1 or the actual count for a dynamic cursor, depending on the data source.