Applies to: Excel 2013 | Office 2013 | Visual Studio

Used to allocate persistent storage for an xltypeBigData XLOPER/ XLOPER12. Data with a defined binary name is saved with the workbook, and can be accessed by name at any time. For more information, see "Binary Name Scope Limitation" in Known Issues in Excel XLL Development.

Excel12(xlDefineBinaryName, 0, 2, LPXLOPER12 pxName, LPXLOPER12 pxData);


pxName (xltypeStr)

A string specifying the name of the data. The string is subject to the same naming restrictions as defined names.

pxData (xltypeBigData)

Bigdata structure specifying the data to be stored. When you call this function, the lpbData member of the bigdata structure should point to the data for which the name is being defined, and the cbData member should contain the length of the data in bytes.

If the pxData argument is not specified (xltypeMissing), the named allocation specified by pxName is deleted.

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