OneNote developer reference

This reference contains conceptual overviews and programmatic references to guide you in developing solutions for OneNote 2013 desktop client applications. It includes all the additions and changes to the OneNote 2013 application programming interface (API), and provides code samples in C# to show how to perform some tasks in OneNote. The OneNote 2013 API enables users to programmatically access and edit OneNote content. Users can also make changes to the view of OneNote windows.

This documentation contains the following information:

  • Window interfaces: Describes the Window and Windows interfaces, which enable users to enumerate through the set of OneNote windows and modify certain window properties.

  • Quick Filing dialog box interfaces: Describes the interfaces that you can use to programmatically customize the Quick Filing dialog box in OneNote 2013.

  • Application interface: Describes methods, properties, and events that help retrieve, manipulate, and update OneNote 2013 information and content.

  • Enumerations: Describes the enumerations in the OneNote 2013 object model.

  • Error codes: Lists the error codes in the OneNote 2013 object model.


The APIs described in this documentation are intended only for OneNote Win32 desktop client solutions in unconnected scenarios. For connected scenarios, use the recommended OneNote service APIs. To learn more, visit

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