Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Describes a row from a table that contains selected properties for a specific object.

Property Value
Header file:
typedef struct _SRow
  ULONG ulAdrEntryPad;
  ULONG cValues;
  LPSPropValue lpProps;
} SRow, FAR *LPSRow;



Padding bytes to properly align the property values pointed to by the lpProps member.


Count of property values pointed to by lpProps.


Pointer to an array of SPropValue structures that describe the property values for the columns in the row.


An SRow structure describes a row in a table. It is included in the TABLE_NOTIFICATION structure that accompanies a table notification.

SRow structures are used in the following methods:

When more than one row needs to be described, an SRowSet structure is used. An SRowSet structure contains an array of SRow structures and a count of structures in the array.

The following illustration shows the relationship between an SRow and an SRowSet data structure.

Relationship between SRow and SRowSet

Relationship between SRow and SRowSet

SRow structures are defined the same as ADRENTRY structures. Therefore, a row of a recipient table and an entry in an address list can be treated the same.

For information about how the memory for SRow structures should be allocated, see Managing Memory for ADRLIST and SRowSet Structures.

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