Outlook Social Connector 2013 provider reference

The Outlook Social Connector 2013 provides a communication hub for personal and professional communications. The Outlook Social Connector (OSC) works with SharePoint Server, SharePoint Workspace, Lync client, and all Office client applications that support presence information and the Contact Card support the OSC.

In Outlook in particular, just by selecting an Outlook item such as an email or meeting request and clicking the sender or a recipient in that item, without leaving Outlook, users can see in the People Pane activities, photos, and status updates of this person on their favorite social networks. Users can conveniently see all the Outlook emails, attachments, and meetings received from this person. In an organizational environment, users on a SharePoint site can also see in the People Pane document updates and other site activities of this person on the SharePoint site.

A social network can develop a provider for the OSC to synchronize and surface social network updates in supporting servers and applications. Popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Windows Live are offering providers for the OSC.

The Outlook Social Connector 2013 Provider Reference describes how to develop an OSC provider using OSC provider extensibility.

If you are new to developing solutions for Outlook, see Selecting an API or technology for developing solutions for Outlook to identify the APIs and technologies that are most appropriate for your needs.

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