Returns the coordinates of a point on, or offset from, the path.

Version Information

Version Added: Visio 2010


POINTALONGPATH(section, travel [,offset] [,segment] )


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
section Required String The Geometry section that represents the path, specified by a reference to its Path cell (for example, Geometry1.Path).
travel Required Double The percentage of the path traversed, from the begin point to the end point that identifies the point. Must be between 0 and 1.
offset Optional Double The distance that the point is offset from the path. See Remarks for more information.
segment Optional Integer The 1-based segment of the path in which to calculate the coordinates.

Return value



If section or segment does not exist, Microsoft Visio returns #REF!.

Positive offset values specify points to the left of the direction of travel.

Negative offset values specify points to the right of the direction of travel.

A Point represents an ordered pair of geometric coordinates (x,y) as a single value.