Stores a value that is set through an action in the user interface (UI) or Automation.


SETATREFEXPR ([ **expr_opt * ])


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
An expression that is replaced by the value or expression being assigned to the referenced cell in the SETATREF function. If not indicated, its initial value is 0 (zero).


The value of a SETATREFEXPR expression can also be set from a SETATREF function in another cell that references the cell containing the SETATREFEXPR expression.

You are not limited to using the SETATREFEXPR function as a parameter to the SETATREF function.

Example 1

The following example uses the SETATREFEXPR function to ensure that a shape is as wide as its text.


Example 2

The following example shows how you can use the SETATREFEXPR function to cause your shapes to snap to a custom grid. The SETATREFEXPR formulas are placed in the PinX and PinY cells, causing the shape's pin to snap to the grid defined in User.GridX and User.GridY.

User.GridX =2 in

User.GridY =2 in

PinX =INT(SETATREFEXPR()/User.GridX + .5)*User.GridX

PinY =INT(SETATREFEXPR()/User.GridY + .5)*User.GridY

Example 3

For an example using the SETATREFEXPR function with the SETATREF function, see the SETATREF function.