Install the latest version of Office

New developer features, including those still in preview, are delivered first to subscribers who opt in to get the latest builds of Office.

Opt in to getting the latest builds of Office

Get the latest build of Office

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool.
  2. Run the tool. This extracts the following two files: Setup.exe and configuration.xml.
  3. Replace the configuration.xml file with the First Release Configuration File.
  4. Run the following command as an administrator: setup.exe /configure configuration.xml


The command might take a long time to run without indicating progress.

When the installation process finishes, you will have the latest Office applications installed. To verify that you have the latest build, go to File > Account from any Office application. Under Office Updates, you'll see the (Office Insiders) label above the version number.

A screenshot that shows product information with the Office Insiders label.

Minimum Office builds for Office JavaScript API requirement sets