Tutorial: Share data and events between Excel custom functions and the task pane

Share global data and send events between the task pane and custom functions of your Excel add-in with a shared runtime.

Share a state between custom function and task pane code

The following instructions show how to share a global variable between custom function and task pane code. This tutorial assumes that you've completed the Excel custom functions tutorial, with a Excel Custom Functions using a Shared Runtime project using the script type JavaScript. Use the add-in you created in that tutorial to complete the following instructions.

Create custom functions to get or store shared state

  1. In Visual Studio Code open the file src/functions/functions.js.

  2. On line 1, insert the following code at the very top. This will initialize a global variable named sharedState.

    window.sharedState = "empty";
  3. Add the following code to create a custom function that stores values to the sharedState variable.

     * Saves a string value to shared state with the task pane
     * @customfunction STOREVALUE
     * @param {string} value String to write to shared state with task pane.
     * @return {string} A success value
    function storeValue(sharedValue) {
      window.sharedState = sharedValue;
      return "value stored";
  4. Add the following code to create a custom function that gets the current value of the sharedState variable.

     * Gets a string value from shared state with the task pane
     * @customfunction GETVALUE
     * @returns {string} String value of the shared state with task pane.
    function getValue() {
      return window.sharedState;
  5. Save the file.

Create task pane controls to work with global data

  1. Open the file src/taskpane/taskpane.html.

  2. After the closing </main> element, add the following HTML. The HTML creates two text boxes and buttons used to get or store global data.

        Enter a value to send to the custom function and select
        Enter <strong>=CONTOSO.GETVALUE()</strong> into a cell to retrieve it.
        To send data to the task pane, in a cell, enter
        <strong>=CONTOSO.STOREVALUE("new value")</strong>
      <li>Select <strong>Get</strong> to display the value in the task pane.</li>
    <p>Store new value to shared state</p>
      <input type="text" id="storeBox" />
      <button onclick="storeSharedValue()">Store</button>
    <p>Get shared state value</p>
      <input type="text" id="getBox" />
      <button onclick="getSharedValue()">Get</button>
  3. Before the closing </body> element, add the following script. This code will handle the button click events when the user wants to store or get global data.

      function storeSharedValue() {
        let sharedValue = document.getElementById('storeBox').value;
        window.sharedState = sharedValue;
      function getSharedValue() {
        document.getElementById('getBox').value = window.sharedState;
  4. Save the file.

  5. Build the project.

    npm run build

Try sharing data between the custom functions and task pane

  • Start the project by using the following command.

    npm run start

Once Excel starts, you can use the task pane buttons to store or get shared data. Enter =CONTOSO.GETVALUE() into a cell for the custom function to retrieve the same shared data. Or use =CONTOSO.STOREVALUE("new value") to change the shared data to a new value.


Calling some Office APIs from custom functions using a shared runtime is possible. See Call Microsoft Excel APIs from a custom function for more details.

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