Spell checker doesn't check text in the form fields in Word


The spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word doesn't check text in the form fields.


Because form field text is formatted as No Proofing, the spelling and grammar checker ignores text in form fields.


To work around this issue, you can use the following macro to:

  • Temporarily unprotect the form.
  • Change the language of the form fields.
  • Perform a spelling check or update a field.
  • Reprotect the form while preserving the text you've typed into the form fields.

You can use this macro as an On Exit macro for the last form field so you can check the spelling or update a field before you save the form.

Sub FormsSpellCheck()
    ' If document is protected, Unprotect it. 
    If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType <> wdNoProtection Then 
       ActiveDocument.Unprotect Password:="" 
    End If 

    ' Set the language for the document. 
    Selection.LanguageID = wdEnglishUS 
    Selection.NoProofing = False

   ' Perform Spelling/Grammar check. 
    If Options.CheckGrammarWithSpelling = True Then 
    End If

   ' ReProtect the document. 
    If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType = wdNoProtection Then 
       ActiveDocument.Protect Type:=wdAllowOnlyFormFields, NoReset:=True 
    End If

End Sub

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