ShowModal property

Sets a UserForm to be modal or modeless in its display. Read-only at run time.

The settings for the ShowModal property are:

Setting Description
True (Default) The UserForm is modal.
False The UserForm is modeless.


When a UserForm is modal, the user must supply information or close the UserForm before using any other part of the application. No subsequent code is executed until the UserForm is hidden or unloaded. Although other forms in the application are disabled when a UserForm is displayed, other applications are not.

When the UserForm is modeless, the user can view other forms or windows without closing the UserForm. Modeless forms don't appear in the task bar and are not in the window tab order.


If you attempt to open a UserForm that has a ShowModal property in Microsoft Office 97, you get a run-time error because Office 97 only displays modal UserForms. Office 97 ignores the ShowModal property and displays the UserForm modally.

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