Text property (Microsoft Forms)

Returns or sets the text in a TextBox. Changes the selected row in a ComboBox or ListBox.


object.Text [= String ]

The Text property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid object.
String Optional. A string expression specifying text. The default value is a zero-length string ("").


For a TextBox, any value you assign to the Text property is also assigned to the Value property.

For a ComboBox, you can use Text to update the value of the control. If the value of Text matches an existing list entry, the value of the ListIndex property (the index of the current row) is set to the row that matches Text. If the value of Text does not match a row, ListIndex is set to -1.

For a ListBox, the value of Text must match an existing list entry. Specifying a value that does not match an existing list entry causes an error.

You cannot use Text to change the value of an entry in a ComboBox or ListBox; use the Column or List property for this purpose.

The ForeColor property determines the color of the text.

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