Miscellaneous constants

The following constants are defined in the Visual Basic for Applications type library and can be used anywhere in your code in place of the actual values.

Constant Equivalent Description
vbCrLf Chr(13) + Chr(10) Carriage return-linefeed combination
vbCr Chr(13) Carriage return character
vbLf Chr(10) Linefeed character
vbNewLine Chr(13) + Chr(10) or, on the Macintosh, Chr(13) Platform-specific new line character; whichever is appropriate for current platform
vbNullChar Chr(0) Character having value 0
vbNullString String having value 0 Not the same as a zero-length string (""); used for calling external procedures
vbObjectError -2147221504 User-defined error numbers should be greater than this value. For example:

Err.Raise Number = vbObjectError + 1000
vbTab Chr(9) Tab character
vbBack Chr(8) Backspace character
vbFormFeed Chr(12) Not useful in Microsoft Windows or on the Macintosh
vbVerticalTab Chr(11) Not useful in Microsoft Windows or on the Macintosh

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