System Color constants

The following constants can be used anywhere in your code in place of the actual values.

Constant Value Description
vbScrollBars 0x80000000 Scroll bar color
vbDesktop 0x80000001 Desktop color
vbActiveTitleBar 0x80000002 Color of the title bar for the active window
vbInactiveTitleBar 0x80000003 Color of the title bar for the inactive window
vbMenuBar 0x80000004 Menu background color
vbWindowBackground 0x80000005 Window background color
vbWindowFrame 0x80000006 Window frame color
vbMenuText 0x80000007 Color of text on menus
vbWindowText 0x80000008 Color of text in windows
vbTitleBarText 0x80000009 Color of text in caption, size box, and scroll arrow
vbActiveBorder 0x8000000A Border color of active window
vbInactiveBorder 0x8000000B Border color of inactive window
vbApplicationWorkspace 0x8000000C Background color of multiple-document interface (MDI) applications
vbHighlight 0x8000000D Background color of items selected in a control
vbHighlightText 0x8000000E Text color of items selected in a control
vbButtonFace 0x8000000F Color of shading on the face of command buttons
vbButtonShadow 0x80000010 Color of shading on the edge of command buttons
vbGrayText 0x80000011 Grayed (disabled) text
vbButtonText 0x80000012 Text color on push buttons
vbInactiveCaptionText 0x80000013 Color of text in an inactive caption
vb3DHighlight 0x80000014 Highlight color for 3-D display elements
vb3DDKShadow 0x80000015 Darkest shadow color for 3-D display elements
vb3DLight 0x80000016 Second lightest 3-D color after vb3DHighlight
vbInfoText 0x80000017 Color of text in ToolTips
vbInfoBackground 0x80000018 Background color of ToolTips

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