Validation.Add method (Excel)

Adds data validation to the specified range.


expression.Add (Type, AlertStyle, Operator, Formula1, Formula2)

expression A variable that represents a Validation object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Type Required XlDVType The validation type.
AlertStyle Optional Variant The validation alert style. Can be one of the following XlDVAlertStyle constants: xlValidAlertInformation, xlValidAlertStop, or xlValidAlertWarning.
Operator Optional Variant The data validation operator. Can be one of the following XlFormatConditionOperator constants: xlBetween, xlEqual, xlGreater, xlGreaterEqual, xlLess, xlLessEqual, xlNotBetween, or xlNotEqual.
Formula1 Optional Variant The first part of the data validation equation. Value must not exceed 255 characters.
Formula2 Optional Variant The second part of the data validation equation when Operator is xlBetween or xlNotBetween (otherwise, this argument is ignored).


The Add method requires different arguments, depending on the validation type, as shown in the following table.

Validation type Arguments
xlValidateCustom Formula1 is required, Formula2 is ignored. Formula1 must contain an expression that evaluates to True when data entry is valid and False when data entry is invalid.
xlInputOnly AlertStyle, Formula1, or Formula2 are used.
xlValidateList Formula1 is required, Formula2 is ignored. Formula1 must contain either a comma-delimited list of values or a worksheet reference to this list.
xlValidateWholeNumber, xlValidateDate, xlValidateDecimal, xlValidateTextLength, or xlValidateTime One of either Formula1 or Formula2 must be specified, or both may be specified.


This example adds data validation to cell E5.

With Range("e5").Validation 
 .Add Type:=xlValidateWholeNumber, _ 
 AlertStyle:= xlValidAlertStop, _ 
 Operator:=xlBetween, Formula1:="5", Formula2:="10" 
 .InputTitle = "Integers" 
 .ErrorTitle = "Integers" 
 .InputMessage = "Enter an integer from five to ten" 
 .ErrorMessage = "You must enter a number from five to ten" 
End With

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