MsoShapeType enumeration (Office)

Specifies the type of a shape or range of shapes.

Name Value Description
mso3DModel 30 3D model
msoAutoShape 1 AutoShape
msoCallout 2 Callout
msoCanvas 20 Canvas
msoChart 3 Chart
msoComment 4 Comment
msoContentApp 27 Content Office Add-in
msoDiagram 21 Diagram
msoEmbeddedOLEObject 7 Embedded OLE object
msoFormControl 8 Form control
msoFreeform 5 Freeform
msoGraphic 28 Graphic
msoGroup 6 Group
msoIgxGraphic 24 SmartArt graphic
msoInk 22 Ink
msoInkComment 23 Ink comment
msoLine 9 Line
msoLinked3DModel 31 Linked 3D model
msoLinkedGraphic 29 Linked graphic
msoLinkedOLEObject 10 Linked OLE object
msoLinkedPicture 11 Linked picture
msoMedia 16 Media
msoOLEControlObject 12 OLE control object
msoPicture 13 Picture
msoPlaceholder 14 Placeholder
msoScriptAnchor 18 Script anchor
msoShapeTypeMixed -2 Mixed shape type
msoSlicer 25 Slicer
msoTable 19 Table
msoTextBox 17 Text box
msoTextEffect 15 Text effect
msoWebVideo 26 Web video

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