Application.WindowSelectionChange event (Word)

Occurs when the selection changes in the active document window.


If you are working with a document embedded within another document, this event will not occur.


expression.WindowSelectionChange (Sel)

expression A variable that represents an Application object that has been declared with events in a class module. For more information about using events with the Application object, see Using events with the Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Sel Required Selection The text selected. If no text is selected, the Sel parameter returns either nothing or the first character to the right of the insertion point.


This example applies bold formatting to the new selection. This code must be placed in a class module, and an instance of the class must be correctly initialized to see this example work; see Using events with the Application object for directions on how to accomplish this.

Public WithEvents appWord as Word.Application 
Private Sub appWord_WindowSelectionChange _ 
 (ByVal Sel As Selection) 
 Sel.Font.Bold = True 
End Sub

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