WdBuiltInProperty enumeration (Word)

Specifies a built-in document property.

Name Value Description
wdPropertyAppName 9 Name of application.
wdPropertyAuthor 3 Author.
wdPropertyBytes 22 Byte count.
wdPropertyCategory 18 Category.
wdPropertyCharacters 16 Character count.
wdPropertyCharsWSpaces 30 Character count with spaces.
wdPropertyComments 5 Comments.
wdPropertyCompany 21 Company.
wdPropertyFormat 19 Not supported.
wdPropertyHiddenSlides 27 Not supported.
wdPropertyHyperlinkBase 29 Not supported.
wdPropertyKeywords 4 Keywords.
wdPropertyLastAuthor 7 Last author.
wdPropertyLines 23 Line count.
wdPropertyManager 20 Manager.
wdPropertyMMClips 28 Not supported.
wdPropertyNotes 26 Notes.
wdPropertyPages 14 Page count.
wdPropertyParas 24 Paragraph count.
wdPropertyRevision 8 Revision number.
wdPropertySecurity 17 Security setting.
wdPropertySlides 25 Not supported.
wdPropertySubject 2 Subject.
wdPropertyTemplate 6 Template name.
wdPropertyTimeCreated 11 Time created.
wdPropertyTimeLastPrinted 10 Time last printed.
wdPropertyTimeLastSaved 12 Time last saved.
wdPropertyTitle 1 Title.
wdPropertyVBATotalEdit 13 Number of edits to VBA project.
wdPropertyWords 15 Word count.

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