AcControlType enumeration (Access)

Specifies the type of control created by the CreateControl and CreateReportControl methods.

Name Value Description
acAttachment 126 Attachment control
acBoundObjectFrame 108 BoundObjectFrame control
acCheckBox 106 CheckBox control
acComboBox 111 ComboBox control
acCommandButton 104 CommandButton control
acCustomControl 119 ActiveX control
acEmptyCell 127 EmptyCell control
acImage 103 Image control
acLabel 100 Label control
acLine 102 Line control
acListBox 110 ListBox control
acNavigationButton 130 NavigationButton control
acNavigationControl 129 NavigationControl control
acObjectFrame 114 Unbound ObjectFrame control
acOptionButton 105 OptionButton control
acOptionGroup 107 OptionGroup control
acPage 124 Page control
acPageBreak 118 PageBreak control
acRectangle 101 Rectangle control
acSubForm 112 SubForm control
acTabCtl 123 Tab control
acTextBox 109 TextBox control
acToggleButton 122 ToggleButton control
acWebBrowser 128 WebBrowserControl control

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