AcExportXMLOtherFlags enumeration (Access)

Use with the ExportXML method to specify other behaviors associated with exporting to XML.

Name Value Description
acEmbedSchema 1 Writes schema information into the document specified by the DataTarget argument; this value takes precedence over the SchemaTarget argument.
acExcludePrimaryKeyAndIndexes 2 Does not export primary key and index schema properties.
acExportAllTableAndFieldProperties 32 The exported schema contains properties of the table and its fields.
acLiveReportSource 8 Creates a live link to a remote Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. Valid only when you are exporting reports that are bound to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database.
acPersistReportML 16 Persists the exported object's ReportML information.
acRunFromServer 4 Creates an Active Server Pages (ASP) wrapper; otherwise, default is an HTML wrapper. Applies only when you are exporting reports.

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