DoCmd.Hourglass method (Access)

The Hourglass method carries out the Hourglass action in Visual Basic.


expression.Hourglass (HourglassOn)

expression A variable that represents a DoCmd object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
HourglassOn Required Variant Use True (1) to display the hourglass icon (or another icon you've chosen). Use False (0) to display the normal mouse pointer.


Use the Hourglass method to change the mouse pointer to an image of an hourglass (or another icon you've chosen) while a procedure is running. This method can provide a visual indication that the procedure is running. This is especially useful when a procedure takes a long time to run.

You often use this method if you've turned echo off by using the Echo method. When echo is off, Microsoft Access suspends screen updates until the macro is finished.

Access automatically resets the HourglassOn argument to False when the procedure finishes running.

To determine the current state of the hourglass, you can check the value of Screen.MousePointer. If Screen.MousePointer = 11, the hourglass is currently being displayed.

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