Form.Repaint method (Access)

The Repaint method completes any pending screen updates for a specified form. When performed on a form, the Repaint method also completes any pending recalculations of the form's controls.



expression A variable that represents a Form object.

Return value



Microsoft Access sometimes waits to complete pending screen updates until it finishes other tasks. With the Repaint method, you can force immediate repainting of the controls on the specified form. Use the Repaint method:

  • When you change values in a number of fields. Unless you force a repaint, Access might not display the changes immediately, especially if other fields, such as those in an expression in a calculated control, depend on values in the changed fields.

  • When you want to make sure that a form displays data in all of its fields. For example, fields containing OLE objects often don't display their data immediately after you open a form.

This method doesn't cause a requery of the database, nor does it show new or changed records in the form's underlying record source. Use the Requery method to requery the source of data for the form or one of its controls.


  • Don't confuse the Repaint method with the Refresh method, or with the Refresh command on the Records menu. The Refresh method and the Refresh command show changes that you or other users have made to the underlying record source for any of the currently displayed records in forms and datasheets. The Repaint method simply updates the screen when repainting has been delayed while Access completes other tasks.
  • The Repaint method differs from the Echo method in that the Repaint method forces a single immediate repaint, while the Echo method turns repainting on or off.


The following example uses the Repaint method to repaint a form when the form receives the focus.

Private Sub Form_Activate() 
End Sub

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