Form.Section property (Access)

Use the Section property to identify a section of a form and provide access to the properties of that section. Read-only Section object.


expression.Section (Index)

expression A variable that represents a Form object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Index Required Variant The section number or name.


The Section property corresponds to a particular section. Use the following constants. We recommend that you use the constants to make your code easier to read.

Setting Constant Description
0 acDetail Form detail section
1 acHeader Form header section
2 acFooter Form footer section
3 acPageHeader Form page header section
4 acPageFooter Form page footer section

For forms and reports, the Section property is an array of all existing sections in the form specified by the section number. For example, Section(0) refers to a form's detail section, and Section(3) refers to a form's page header section.

You can also refer to a section by name. The following statements refer to the Detail0 section for the Customers form and are equivalent.


For forms and reports, you must combine the Section property with other properties that apply to form or report sections.


The following example shows how to refer to the Visible property of the page header section of the Customers form.


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