TempVar object (Access)

Represents a variable that can be used in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code or from a macro.


TempVar objects provide a convenient way to exchange data between VBA procedures and macros.

Although a TempVar object can be used to store information for use in VBA procedures, it does not have the same functionality as a VBA variable.

  • By default, a TempVar object remains in memory until the Database is closed. Use the Remove method or the RemoveTempVar macro action to remove a TempVar object.

  • In VBA, a TempVar object is accessible only to the members of the Access Application object, referenced databases, or add-ins.

  • A TempVar object can store only text or numeric data. TempVar objects cannot store objects.

To refer to a TempVar object in a collection by its ordinal number or by its Name property setting, use the following syntax form:

  • TempVar![name]


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