Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro method (Excel)

Runs a Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro function and then returns the result of the function. The return type depends on the function.


expression.ExecuteExcel4Macro (String)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
String Required String A Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro language function without the equal sign. All references must be given as R1C1 strings. If String contains embedded double quotation marks, you must double them.

For example, to run the macro function =MID("sometext",1,4), String would have to be "MID(""sometext"",1,4)".

Return value



The Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro isn't evaluated in the context of the current workbook or sheet. This means that any references should be external and should specify an explicit workbook name. For example, to run the Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro "My_Macro" in Book1 you must use "Book1!My_Macro()". If you don't specify the workbook name, this method fails.


This example runs the GET.CELL(42) macro function on cell C3 on Sheet1 and then displays the result in a message box. The GET.CELL(42) macro function returns the horizontal distance from the left edge of the active window to the left edge of the active cell. This macro function has no direct Visual Basic equivalent.

MsgBox ExecuteExcel4Macro("GET.CELL(42)")

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