Application.Selection property (Excel)

Returns the currently selected object on the active worksheet for an Application object. Returns Nothing if no objects are selected. Use the Select method to set the selection, and use the TypeName function to discover the kind of object that is selected.



expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The returned object type depends on the current selection (for example, if a cell is selected, this property returns a Range object). The Selection property returns Nothing if nothing is selected.

Using this property with no object qualifier is equivalent to using Application.Selection.


This example clears the selection on Sheet1 (assuming that the selection is a range of cells).


This example displays the Visual Basic object type of the selection.

MsgBox "The selection object type is " & TypeName(Selection)

This example displays information about the current selection.

Sub TestSelection(  )
    Dim str As String
    Select Case TypeName(Selection)
    Case "Nothing"
        str = "No selection made."
    Case "Range"
        str = "You selected the range: " & Selection.Address
    Case "Picture"
        str = "You selected a picture."
    Case Else
        str = "You selected a " & TypeName(Selection) & "."
    End Select
    MsgBox str
End Sub

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