Window.ScrollWorkbookTabs method (Excel)

Scrolls through the workbook tabs at the bottom of the window. Doesn't affect the active sheet in the workbook.


expression.ScrollWorkbookTabs (Sheets, Position)

expression A variable that represents a Window object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Sheets Optional Variant The number of sheets to scroll by. Use a positive number to scroll forward, a negative number to scroll backward, or 0 (zero) to not scroll at all. You must specify Sheets if you don't specify Position.
Position Optional Variant Use xlFirst to scroll to the first sheet, or use xlLast to scroll to the last sheet. You must specify Position if you don't specify Sheets.

Return value



This example scrolls through the workbook tabs to the last sheet in the workbook.

ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs position:=xlLast

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