Workbook.LinkInfo method (Excel)

Returns the link date and update status.


expression.LinkInfo (Name, LinkInfo, Type, EditionRef)

expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Name Required String The name of the link.
LinkInfo Required XlLinkInfo The type of information to be returned.
Type Optional Variant One of the constants of XlLinkInfoType specifying the type of link to return.
EditionRef Optional Variant If the link is an edition, this argument specifies the edition reference as a string in R1C1 style. This argument is required if there's more than one publisher or subscriber with the same name in the workbook.

Return value



This example displays a message box if the link is updated automatically.

If ActiveWorkbook.LinkInfo( _ 
 "Word.Document|Document1!'!DDE_LINK1", xlUpdateState, _ 
 xlOLELinks) = 1 Then 
 MsgBox "Link updates automatically" 
End If

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