Folder.ShowAsOutlookAB property (Outlook)

Returns or sets a Boolean variable that specifies whether the contact items folder will be displayed as an address list in the Outlook Address Book. Read/write.


expression. ShowAsOutlookAB

expression A variable that represents a Folder object.


If you set the ShowAsOutlookAB property of a contact items folder to False, it will not be available in the drop-down list under Address Book in the Address Book dialog box.

ShowAsOutlookAB does not support folders on another Exchange user's mailbox, for example, a Contacts folder that is shared by another user. Getting or setting this property on a such a folder will not produce any desired results.


The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates a reference to the default Contacts folder and modifies its ShowAsOutlookAB property to be displayed as an Address Book.

Sub ShowAsAddressBookChange() 
 Dim nmsName As Outlook.Namespace 
 Dim fldFolder As Outlook.Folder 
 'Create instance of namespace 
 Set nmsName = Application.GetNamespace("Mapi") 
 Set fldFolder = nmsName.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts) 
 'Display the folder as Outlook Address Book 
 fldFolder.ShowAsOutlookAB = True 
End Sub

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