OlCategoryColor enumeration (Outlook)

Indicates the color that is specified for a category or a font in a view.

Name Value Description
olCategoryColorBlack 15 Black
olCategoryColorBlue 8 Blue
olCategoryColorDarkBlue 23 Dark Blue
olCategoryColorDarkGray 14 Dark Gray
olCategoryColorDarkGreen 20 Dark Green
olCategoryColorDarkMaroon 25 Dark Maroon
olCategoryColorDarkOlive 22 Dark Olive
olCategoryColorDarkOrange 17 Dark Orange
olCategoryColorDarkPeach 18 Dark Peach
olCategoryColorDarkPurple 24 Dark Purple
olCategoryColorDarkRed 16 Dark Red
olCategoryColorDarkSteel 12 Dark Steel
olCategoryColorDarkTeal 21 Dark Teal
olCategoryColorDarkYellow 19 Dark Yellow
olCategoryColorGray 13 Gray
olCategoryColorGreen 5 Green
olCategoryColorMaroon 10 Maroon
olCategoryColorNone 0 No color assigned.
olCategoryColorOlive 7 Olive
olCategoryColorOrange 2 Orange
olCategoryColorPeach 3 Peach
olCategoryColorPurple 9 Purple
olCategoryColorRed 1 Red
olCategoryColorSteel 11 Steel
olCategoryColorTeal 6 Teal
olCategoryColorYellow 4 Yellow


Used by the Color property of the Category object (Outlook), and the ExtendedColor property of the ViewFont object (Outlook).

The color constants provided here are approximations of the actual colors used by the Category object. Use the CategoryBorderColor, CategoryGradientBottomColor, and CategoryGradientTopColor properties to retrieve the OLE_COLOR color values that are used to represent the Category object, after setting the Color property to the appropriate constant.

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