OlObjectClass enumeration (Outlook)

Specifies constants that represent the different Microsoft Outlook object classes.

Name Value Description
olAccount 105 An Account object.
olAccountRuleCondition 135 An AccountRuleCondition object.
olAccounts 106 An Accounts object.
olAction 32 An Action object.
olActions 33 An Actions object.
olAddressEntries 21 An AddressEntries object.
olAddressEntry 8 An AddressEntry object.
olAddressList 7 An AddressList object.
olAddressLists 20 An AddressLists object.
olAddressRuleCondition 170 An AddressRuleCondition object.
olApplication 0 An Application object.
olAppointment 26 An AppointmentItem object.
olAssignToCategoryRuleAction 122 An AssignToCategoryRuleAction object.
olAttachment 5 An Attachment object.
olAttachments 18 An Attachments object.
olAttachmentSelection 169 An AttachmentSelection object.
olAutoFormatRule 147 An AutoFormatRule object.
olAutoFormatRules 148 An AutoFormatRules object.
olCalendarModule 159 A CalendarModule object.
olCalendarSharing 151 A CalendarSharing object.
olCategories 153 A Categories object.
olCategory 152 A Category object.
olCategoryRuleCondition 130 A CategoryRuleCondition object.
olClassBusinessCardView 168 A BusinessCardView object.
olClassCalendarView 139 A CalendarView object.
olClassCardView 138 A CardView object.
olClassIconView 137 An IconView object.
olClassNavigationPane 155 A NavigationPane object.
olClassPeopleView 183 A PeopleView object.
olClassTableView 136 A TableView object.
olClassTimeLineView 140 A TimelineView object.
olClassTimeZone 174 A TimeZone object.
olClassTimeZones 175 A TimeZones object.
olColumn 154 A Column object.
olColumnFormat 149 A ColumnFormat object.
olColumns 150 A Columns object.
olConflict 102 A Conflict object.
olConflicts 103 A Conflicts object.
olContact 40 A ContactItem object.
olContactsModule 160 A ContactsModule object.
olConversation 178 A Conversation object.
olConversationHeader 182 A ConversationHeader object.
olDistributionList 69 An ExchangeDistributionList object.
olDocument 41 A DocumentItem object.
olException 30 An Exception object.
olExceptions 29 An Exceptions object.
olExchangeDistributionList 111 An ExchangeDistributionList object.
olExchangeUser 110 An ExchangeUser object.
olExplorer 34 An Explorer object.
olExplorers 60 An Explorers object.
olFolder 2 A Folder object.
olFolders 15 A Folders object.
olFolderUserProperties 172 A UserDefinedProperties object.
olFolderUserProperty 171 A UserDefinedProperty object.
olFormDescription 37 A FormDescription object.
olFormNameRuleCondition 131 A FormNameRuleCondition object.
olFormRegion 129 A FormRegion object.
olFromRssFeedRuleCondition 173 A FromRssFeedRuleCondition object.
olFromRuleCondition 132 A ToOrFromRuleCondition object.
olImportanceRuleCondition 128 An ImportanceRuleCondition object.
olInspector 35 An Inspector object.
olInspectors 61 An Inspectors object.
olItemProperties 98 An ItemProperties object.
olItemProperty 99 An ItemProperty object.
olItems 16 An Items object.
olJournal 42 A JournalItem object.
olJournalModule 162 A JournalModule object.
olMail 43 A MailItem object.
olMailModule 158 A MailModule object.
olMarkAsTaskRuleAction 124 A MarkAsTaskRuleAction object.
olMeetingCancellation 54 A MeetingItem object that is a meeting cancellation notice.
olMeetingForwardNotification 181 A MeetingItem object that is a notice about forwarding the meeting request.
olMeetingRequest 53 A MeetingItem object that is a meeting request.
olMeetingResponseNegative 55 A MeetingItem object that is a refusal of a meeting request.
olMeetingResponsePositive 56 A MeetingItem object that is an acceptance of a meeting request.
olMeetingResponseTentative 57 A MeetingItem object that is a tentative acceptance of a meeting request.
olMoveOrCopyRuleAction 118 A MoveOrCopyRuleAction object.
olNamespace 1 A NameSpace object.
olNavigationFolder 167 A NavigationFolder object.
olNavigationFolders 166 A NavigationFolders object.
olNavigationGroup 165 A NavigationGroup object.
olNavigationGroups 164 A NavigationGroups object.
olNavigationModule 157 A NavigationModule object.
olNavigationModules 156 A NavigationModules object.
olNewItemAlertRuleAction 125 A NewItemAlertRuleAction object.
olNote 44 A NoteItem object.
olNotesModule 163 A NotesModule object.
olOrderField 144 An OrderField object.
olOrderFields 145 An OrderFields object.
olOutlookBarGroup 66 An OutlookBarGroup object.
olOutlookBarGroups 65 An OutlookBarGroups object.
olOutlookBarPane 63 An OutlookBarPane object.
olOutlookBarShortcut 68 An OutlookBarShortcut object.
olOutlookBarShortcuts 67 An OutlookBarShortcuts object.
olOutlookBarStorage 64 An OutlookBarStorage object.
olOutspace 180 An AccountSelector object.
olPages 36 A Pages object.
olPanes 62 A Panes object.
olPlaySoundRuleAction 123 A PlaySoundRuleAction object.
olPost 45 A PostItem object.
olPropertyAccessor 112 A PropertyAccessor object.
olPropertyPages 71 A PropertyPages object.
olPropertyPageSite 70 A PropertyPageSite object.
olRecipient 4 A Recipient object.
olRecipients 17 A Recipients object.
olRecurrencePattern 28 A RecurrencePattern object.
olReminder 101 A Reminder object.
olReminders 100 A Reminders object.
olRemote 47 A RemoteItem object.
olReport 46 A ReportItem object.
olResults 78 A Results object.
olRow 121 A Row object.
olRule 115 A Rule object.
olRuleAction 117 A RuleAction object.
olRuleActions 116 A RuleActions object.
olRuleCondition 127 A RuleCondition object.
olRuleConditions 126 A RuleConditions object.
olRules 114 A Rules object.
olSearch 77 A Search object.
olSelection 74 A Selection object.
olSelectNamesDialog 109 A SelectNamesDialog object.
olSenderInAddressListRuleCondition 133 A SenderInAddressListRuleCondition object.
olSendRuleAction 119 A SendRuleAction object.
olSharing 104 A SharingItem object.
olSimpleItems 179 A SimpleItems object.
olSolutionsModule 177 A SolutionsModule object.
olStorageItem 113 A StorageItem object.
olStore 107 A Store object.
olStores 108 A Stores object.
olSyncObject 72 A SyncObject object.
olSyncObjects 73 A SyncObjects object.
olTable 120 A Table object.
olTask 48 A TaskItem object.
olTaskRequest 49 A TaskRequestItem object.
olTaskRequestAccept 51 A TaskRequestAcceptItem object.
olTaskRequestDecline 52 A TaskRequestDeclineItem object.
olTaskRequestUpdate 50 A TaskRequestUpdateItem object.
olTasksModule 161 A TasksModule object.
olTextRuleCondition 134 A TextRuleCondition object.
olUserDefinedProperties 172 A UserDefinedProperties object.
olUserDefinedProperty 171 A UserDefinedProperty object.
olUserProperties 38 A UserProperties object.
olUserProperty 39 A UserProperty object.
olView 80 A View object.
olViewField 142 A ViewField object.
olViewFields 141 A ViewFields object.
olViewFont 146 A ViewFont object.
olViews 79 A Views object.


This enumeration is used by the Class property of Outlook objects.

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