CommandBarPopup members (Office)

Represents a pop-up control on a command bar.


Name Description
Copy Copies a command bar popup control to an existing command bar.
Delete Deletes the CommandBarPopup object from its collection.
Execute Runs the procedure or built-in command assigned to the specified CommandBarPopup control.
Move Moves the specified CommandBarPopup control to an existing command bar.
Reset Resets a built-in CommandBarPopup control to its original function and face.
SetFocus Moves the keyboard focus to the specified CommandBarPopup control. If the popup is disabled or isn't visible, this method will fail.


Name Description
Application Gets an Application object that represents the container application for the CommandBarPopup object (you can use this property with an Automation object to return that object's container application). Read-only.
BeginGroup Gets True if the specified command bar control appears at the beginning of a group of controls on the command bar. Read/write.
BuiltIn Is True if the specified command bar popup is a built-in command bar of the container application. Returns False if it's a custom command bar. Read-only.
Caption Gets or sets the caption text for a command bar control. Read/write.
CommandBar Gets a CommandBar object that represents the menu displayed by the specified pop-up control. Read-only.
Controls Gets a CommandBarControls object that represents all the controls on a pop-up control. Read-only.
Creator Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the CommandBarPopup object was created. Read-only.
DescriptionText Gets or sets the description for a command barpopup control. Read/write.
Enabled Is True if the CommandBarPopup is enabled. Read/write.
Height Gets or sets the height of a CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
HelpContextId Gets or sets the Help context Id number for the Help topic attached to the CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
HelpFile Gets or sets the file name for the Help topic attached to the CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
Id Gets the ID for a built-in CommandBarPopup control. Read-only.
Index Gets a Long representing the index number for a CommandBarPopup object in the collection. Read-only.
IsPriorityDropped Gets True if the CommandBarPopup control is currently dropped from the menu or toolbar based on usage statistics and layout space. (Note that this is not the same as the control's visibility, as set by the Visible property). Read-only.
Left Gets the horizontal position of the specified CommandBarPopup control (in pixels) relative to the left edge of the screen. Returns the distance from the left side of the docking area. Read-only.
OLEMenuGroup Gets or sets a MsoOLEMenuGroup constant that represents the menu group that the specified command bar pop-up control belongs to when the menu groups of the OLE server are merged with the menu groups of an OLE client (that is, when an object of the container application type is embedded in another application). Read/write.
OLEUsage Gets or sets the OLE client and OLE server roles in which a CommandBarPopup control is used when two Microsoft Office applications are merged. Read/write.
OnAction Gets or sets the name of a Visual Basic procedure that will run when the user clicks or changes the value of a CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
Parameter Gets or sets a string that an application can use to execute a command from a CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
Parent Gets the Parent object for the CommandBarPopup object. Read-only.
Priority Gets or sets the priority of a CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
Tag Gets or sets information about the CommandBarPopup control, such as data that can be used as an argument in procedures, or information that identifies the control. Read/write.
TooltipText Gets or sets the text displayed in a CommandBarPopup's ScreenTip. Read/write.
Top Gets the distance (in pixels) from the top edge of the specified CommandBarPopup control to the top edge of the screen. Read-only.
Type Gets the type of CommandBarPopup control. Read-only.
Visible Gets or sets the Visible property of the CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.
Width Gets or sets the width (in pixels) of the specified CommandBarPopup control. Read/write.

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