FileDialog members (Office)

Provides file dialog box functionality similar to the functionality of the standard Open and Save dialog boxes found in Microsoft Office applications.


Name Description
Execute Carries out a user's action right after the Show method is invoked.
Show Displays a file dialog box and returns a Long indicating whether the user pressed the Action button (-1) or the Cancel button (0). When you call the Show method, no more code executes until the user dismisses the file dialog box. In the case of Open and SaveAs dialog boxes, use the Execute method right after the Show method to carry out the user's action.


Name Description
AllowMultiSelect Is True if the user is allowed to select multiple files from a file dialog box. Read/write.
Application Gets an Application object that represents the container application for the FileDialog object (you can use this property with an Automation object to return that object's container application). Read-only.
ButtonName Gets or sets a String representing the text that is displayed on the action button of a file dialog box. Read/write.
Creator Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the FileDialog object was created. Read-only.
DialogType Gets an MsoFileDialogType constant representing the type of file dialog box that the FileDialog object is set to display. Read-only.
FilterIndex Gets or sets a Long indicating the default file filter of a file dialog box. The default filter determines which types of files are displayed when the file dialog box is first opened. Read/write.
Filters Gets a FileDialogFilters collection. Read-only.
InitialFileName Sets or returns a String representing the path or file name that is initially displayed in a file dialog box. Read/write.
InitialView Gets or sets an MsoFileDialogView constant representing the initial presentation of files and folders in a file dialog box. Read/write.
Item Gets the text associated with an object. Read-only.
Parent Gets the Parent object for the FileDialog object. Read-only.
SelectedItems Gets a FileDialogSelectedItems collection. This collection contains a list of the paths of the files that a user selected from a file dialog box displayed by using the Show method of the FileDialog object. Read-only.
Title Gets or sets the title of a file dialog box displayed by using the FileDialog object. Read/write.

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