PpPrintOutputType enumeration (PowerPoint)

A value that indicates which component (slides, handouts, notes pages, or an outline) of the presentation is to be printed.

Name Value Description
ppPrintOutputBuildSlides 7 Build Slides
ppPrintOutputFourSlideHandouts 8 Four Slide Handouts
ppPrintOutputNineSlideHandouts 9 Nine Slide Handouts
ppPrintOutputNotesPages 5 Notes Pages
ppPrintOutputOneSlideHandouts 10 Single Slide Handouts
ppPrintOutputOutline 6 Outline
ppPrintOutputSixSlideHandouts 4 Six Slide Handouts
ppPrintOutputSlides 1 Slides
ppPrintOutputThreeSlideHandouts 3 Three Slide Handouts
ppPrintOutputTwoSlideHandouts 2 Two Slide Handouts

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