DataRecordset.Refresh method (Visio)

Executes the query string associated with the connected (non-XML-based) DataRecordset and updates linked shapes with new data from the data source returned by the query.


This Visio object or member is available only to licensed users of Visio Professional 2013.



expression An expression that returns a DataRecordset object.

Return value



Calling the Refresh method on a particular DataRecordset object results in refreshing all other DataRecordset objects associated with the same DataConnection object (that is, having the same value for their DataConnection property). DataRecordset objects sharing the same DataConnection property value are called transacted data recordsets. The Refresh method must be called on a data recordset that is associated with a DataConnection object.

If you call Refresh on a data recordset not associated with a DataConnection object (one that was created by using the DataRecordsets.AddFromXML method), the Refresh method will return an error.

If calling Refresh results in conflicts, Visio displays the Refresh Conflicts task pane in the user interface, unless you set the DataRecordset.RefreshSettings property to include the visRefreshNoReconciliationUI enumerated value.

Before refreshing linked data, if you want to change the query string Visio uses to retrieve the data to query a different table in the same database, set the DataRecordset.CommandString property to a new value. To connect to an entirely new data source, set both the DataRecordset.CommandString and DataConnection.ConnectionString property values.

When you refresh data and a conflict occurs, you can use the DataRecordset.GetAllRefreshConflicts and DataRecordset.GetMatchingRowsForRefreshConflict methods to determine why the conflict arose.


This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the Refresh method to refresh the data in a DataRecordset object from the DataRecordsets collection of the current document. It gets the count of all data recordsets associated with the current document and refreshes the one most recently added. It also refreshes any other data recordsets associated with the current document that share a common data connection with the one being refreshed.

Before you run this macro, make sure that the current document contains at least one data recordset, and that the most recently added data recordset is connected (non-XML-based).

Public Sub Refresh_Example() 
    Dim vsoDataRecordset As Visio.DataRecordset 
    Dim intCount As Integer 
    intCount = ThisDocument.DataRecordsets.Count 
    Set vsoDataRecordset = ThisDocument.DataRecordsets(intCount) 
End Sub

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