EventList object (Visio)

Includes an Event object for each event to which an object should respond. The object that possesses the event list is sometimes called the source object.


To retrieve an EventList collection, use the EventList property of the source object.

The default property of EventList is Item.

In general, the level of the source object in the Microsoft Visio object hierarchy determines the scope of its response. For example, if an Event object for the DocumentOpened event is in the EventList collection of a Document object, that event's action is triggered only when that document is opened. If the same Event object is in the EventList collection of an Application object, the event's action is triggered whenever any document is opened in that instance of Visio.

To create an Event object that runs an add-on, use the Add method.

To create an Event object that sends a notification, use the AddAdvise method.



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