VisSectionIndices enumeration (Visio)

Logical indices of ShapeSheet sections for Shape or Style objects.

Constant Value Description
visSectionAction 240 Stores the actions that appear on the shortcut menu.
visSectionAnnotation 246 Index of a section whose rows represent annotations.
visSectionCharacter 3 Stores character properties; for example, font.
visSectionConnectionPts 7 Stores an object's connection points.
visSectionControls 9 Stores an object's control handles.
visSectionFillGradientStops 249 Index of a section whose rows represent fill gradient stops.
visSectionFirstComponent 10 An object's first Geometry section. Additional sections have indices (visSectionFirstComponent + ).
visSectionFirst 0 Index whose value is less than any other section index.
visSectionHyperlink 244 Stores hyperlinks.
visSectionInval 255 An invalid index that no section will ever have.
visSectionLastComponent 239 An object's last Geometry section.
visSectionLast 252 Index whose value is greater than any other section index.
visSectionLayer 241 Stores a page or master's layer properties.
visSectionLineGradientStops 248 Index of a section whose rows represent line gradient stops.
visSectionNone 255 Unspecified section.
visSectionObject 1 Stores general non-repeating properties of an object.
visSectionParagraph 4 Stores paragraph properties; for example, indentation.
visSectionProp 243 Stores shape data (formerly custom properties).
visSectionReviewer 245 Index of section whose rows represent reviewers.
visSectionScratch 6 Holds scratch cells.
visSectionSmartTag 247 Index of section whose rows represent SmartTags.
visSectionTab 5 Stores position and alignment of tab stops.
visSectionTextField 8 Stores an object's text fields.
visSectionUser 242 Stores cells created and used by an external solution.

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